Liva District Union, an innovative residential project in Terrebonne

Terrebonne will welcome the Liva District Union residential complex in 2023. This new development will be located in the heart of the District Union neighborhood and adjacent to the Hoop, Yimby, and Waltz real estate complexes, which will enhance Groupe Sélection current residential offering.

District Union is Terrebonne’s most ambitious residential project and aims to offer a dynamic living environment with a public square and relaxing areas where generations can live together.

Liva District Union is only a few minutes away by foot or by car from many shops and services, which will simplify your daily life!

Trois amis sur un banc qui éclatent de rire

Apartments to suit your lifestyle

Trois personnes joyeuses mangent dans leur appartement

At Liva District Union, you’ll quickly fall in love with the modern apartments with a feel-good atmosphere. They are optimally divided and have a pleasant natural light. The rooms are very well designed and allow you to enjoy meaningful moments with friends, family, or your partner.

Technology is also at the heart of Liva District Union apartments. Smart night light for nocturnal movements, fall detection and emergency call system, smoke alarm and air quality sensor, intelligent temperature, and light control are just a few examples of the technologies that will make your environment personalized and safe!

Common spaces to boost your everyday life

Liva District Union will offer a variety of indoor and outdoor common areas to maximize your living experience. Whether you are looking to socialize or relax, you are sure to find something to do! You will have access to a fitness center and an outdoor pool, among other amenities.

Staying active is easy when you live at Liva District Union!

Grand centre sportif lumineux avec tapis de courses

Choose an unparalleled quality of life

Interested in becoming a resident of Liva District Union in Terrebonne? Let us know today and we will notify you as soon as the apartments become available.